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Communicating Doors – August 2012

Communicating Doors poster

Communicating Doors by Alan Ayckbourn has been open for a few weeks now at the Pitlochry Theatre. You need to be on your toes to follow the plot as it flips back and forth through time, but our guests are loving it and it is certainly entertaining and very funny. The Pitlochry Theatre’s own website describes the play as follows:

“Three women. One hotel suite. In 1992, one is on her honeymoon night. In 2012, one is about to be murdered. In 2032, one discovers that a communicating door holds the key to all their destinies . . . When Poopay, a self-styled ‘Specialist Sexual Consultant’, is summoned to a five star hotel, it transpires that her elderly client isn`t interested in her usual services. Instead, the conscience-stricken Reece wants her to witness his dying confession: that many years before, he employed his business associate, Julian, to murder his two wives.

When he learns of the confession, the deranged Julian decides that Poopay must be silenced. Permanently. Terrified, Poopay flees through the communicating door, only to find that it leads not into an adjacent room, but back into the same suite . . . twenty years before . . . on the very night that wife number two, Ruella, is due to die . . . Can Poopay help Ruella escape the fate that awaits her (clue: avoid open windows)? Can she journey even further back in time and convince Reece’s first wife, Jessica, that she shouldn’t go swimming any time soon? And can she change the future . . . for all three?

Ayckbourn’s sheer comic genius combines with influences from film noir and TV classic The Twilight Zone in this award-winning, time-travelling comedy thriller.

Fast, funny and wholly entertaining, Communicating Doors has become one of Ayckbourn`s best-loved and most often revived plays. If you enjoyed Snake In The Grass in 2008, you`ll love this!”

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Dear Brutus – August 2012

Dear Brutus poster

Dear Brutus is now up and running at the Pitlochry Theatre and getting great reviews from the citics and our guests. The Pitlochry Festival Theatre describes the play as follows:

“Sinister Warren, the country house of the mysterious, puckish Lob, is the venue for a curious summer party. None of the guests knows their host – or seem to have anything in common with each other – whilst Lob himself is interested only in spinning wild tales about an enchanted wood, which according to local legend appears once a year on Midsummer`s Eve . . . And the guests themselves could certainly do with some enchantment. Jack and Mabel Purdie`s marriage is threatened by his dalliance with Joanna Trott: curious that Lob should have invited all three. Artist Will Dearth and his wife are embittered by their childless state – and he`s drinking too much. An older couple, the Coades, seem comfortable and content, but is it just habit? And the snobbish Lady Caroline seems alone and loveless.

Then, on Midsummer`s Eve, as the guests prepare to take an evening stroll, a moonlit wood appears as if by magic on the very spot where Lob`s garden had once stood. Transfixed, Lob reveals that, according to legend, in the wood you get what all of his guests secretly wish for: a second chance at life . . . And one by one, they venture out into the trees, desperate to discover what might have been . . . and enter a world of magic, and confusion, and unexpected possibilities . . . J. M. Barrie`s delightful, touching comedy-drama from 1917 is full of the author`s characteristic wit, imagination and understanding.

Following our acclaimed revival of Barrie`s What Every Woman Knows in 2009, this will be an entertaining, stylish and magical journey into the woods!”

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Pitlochry Theatre – Rope – June 2012

The Rope promo poster

We went to see Rope last week. A suspense thriller by Patrick Hamilton set in one room! Another enjoyable show from the 2012 cast and production team at the Pitlochry Theatre. A synopsis of the play from the Pitlochry Theatre website follows:

“On a rainy night in London, two Oxford undergraduates, Wyndham Brandon and Charles Granillo, commit a murder. Not out of passion, or hatred, or fear, but simply to prove that they are clever enough to get away with it. Because without a motive that connects them to the crime, how will they ever be caught? But murder alone is not enough for the urbane Brandon, who convinces his highly strung partner to join him in an elaborate and gruesome challenge. The body of their victim is placed in a large chest in the centre of the drawing room. The same drawing room in which, later that evening, the victim`s family and friends will gather for a previously arranged dinner party . . . As the guests arrive, the two students have to test their ingenuity – and their nerve – to the limit. But will any of the newcomers become aware of the terrible game that is being played and discover the dark secret in the centre of the room? Is there just one visitor with a nose for murder? Inspired by the infamous Leopold and Loeb case, this taut psychological thriller by the author of Gaslight is once of the most celebrated crime dramas of the last century. Premiered in 1929 and memorably filmed with James Stewart in 1948, this chilling depiction of an apparently motiveless murder is a masterclass in suspense, stretching the audience`s nerves – like a rope – to breaking point . . .”

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Pitlochry Theatre – The 39 Steps – May 2012

The 39 Steps - very funny

We had another excellent trip to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre last night for the second show of the 2012 season. The 39 Steps is extremely funny and very impressive with the cast of 4 playing well over 100 characters. How do they do it! Well done again to Pitlochry Theatre and the cast.

The Pitlochry Festival Theatre website describes The 39 Steps as follows:

“Seeking entertainment at a West End variety show, the handsome adventurer Richard Hannay instead encounters the mysterious Annabella Schmidt – who’s not just beautiful, but also rather handy with a gun. At Hannay’s flat, Annabella reveals that she is trying to prevent a state secret being smuggled out of Britain by a mysterious spy organization . . . and that two of their men are on her trail . . .

Hannay awakes the next day to find Annabella dead – and himself framed for her murder! His only chance to clear his name? To expose the organization that killed her. But Annabella has left him just three clues to pursue: the gang’s leader is missing the tip of his little finger; they’re connected to a place named Alt-na-Shellach in the Scottish Highlands; and they’re called . . . The 39 Steps . . .

Inspired by John Buchan’s gripping spy novel and Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic 1935 film, Patrick Barlow’s hilarious, spectacular adaptation brings the greatest adventure story of the 20th century triumphantly to the stage, complete with such legendary scenes as the chase on the Flying Scotsman, the escape on the Forth Bridge, the biplane crash, the election meeting, the night in the McGarrigle Hotel – and the death-defying finale at the London Palladium!

With a cast of four playing 139 roles between them, the Scottish premiére of this Olivier Award-winning comedy caper promises to be one of the most astonishing theatrical spectacles ever seen at PFT!”

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Pitlochry Theatre – opening night – May 2012

We had a super trip to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre last night for the opening show of the season. Little Shop of Horrors is a blast and we think it will be a great success. A very enjoyable evening. Well done Pitlochry Theatre and good luck for the rest of the season.

Pitlochry Theatre's first show of 2012

The Pitlochry Festival Theatre website describes this 1950′s inspired sci-fi spoof as follows:

“Business is so bad at his Skid Row Florists that Mr. Mushnik is considering throwing in the trowel – sorry, towel. But just when it seems that the zinnias are destined for the garbage, Mushnik`s gawky, accident-prone assistant, Seymour, discovers a strange and exotic new plant . . . Seymour names his discovery “Audrey Two”, after the shop`s ditsy sales girl Audrey, whom he secretly worships. And when Audrey Two starts to attract much needed custom – and the attention of the press – Seymour`s dreams of escaping the poverty of Skid Row and winning the hand of the real Audrey seem to be within reach. But Audrey Two is no ordinary shrub. It grows at a phenomenal rate, thanks to a – well, let`s say, unusual diet. Oh, and it has plans for world domination. Only Seymour knows Audrey Two`s terrible secrets . . . and he`s prepared to risk everything if it means he has a shot at fame, fortune and true love . . . Satirizing the sci-fi movies and ‘creature features’ of the 1950s, and with a score that recreates the sounds of that era, PFT`s latest musical – featuring an all-singing, all-dancing, instrument-playing cast of actor-musicians, fabulous sets and costumes, and a terrifying Audrey Two! – is sure to get the Flights of Fancy season off to a flying start!”

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Pitlochry Festival Theatre 2012 summer season brochure

The rather fantastic Pitlochry Festival Theatre has just published its brochure for the 2012 summer season.  There seems to be a huge variety of shows and concerts and it all looks great!

From the PTF website  -  ”The 2012 Summer Season celebrates the extraordinary flights of creative fancy that are the distinguishing feature of certain plays – so you’ll have no option but to let your imaginations soar…….

Will post more detail in due course but in the meantime……..

Click here for the full
Pitlochry Festival Theatre

2012 Summer Season Brochure



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Pitlochry Festival Theatre Panto – Sleeping Beauty (Dec 2011)

We went to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre last week to see this season’s pantomime, Sleeping Beauty.  An excellent show.  Well acted with great sets.  Book your tickets here -

http://www.pitlochry.org.uk/ - The Pitlochry Festival Theatre website.

At least one show a day until the 7th of January. Tickets still available for most performances.


Press reviews are also positive:




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Pitlochry Festival Theatre – Winter 2011 / 2012

The Pitlochry Festival Theatre winter program has now been released and it promises to be a cracker. Each year the Pitlochry Festival Theatre increases the number of shows and events its puts on over the winter and this year is no exception.  A full listing of shows, concerts and events can be found on the Pitlochry Festival Theatre website at https://pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com/pitlochry-festival-theatre/whats-on/concerts.html

The full winter / spring brochure can be downloaded from https://pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com/pitlochry-festival-theatre/whats-on/view-and-download-brochures-online.html

Whisky Galore - until November 12 - Before this year’s My Fair Lady, this was the most popular show in the Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s history.  The show has just stared up again and will run until November 12.  Our guests are loving it and tickets are selling fast.  For more info on the storyline –  https://pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com/pitlochry-festival-theatre/whats-on/whisky-galore-a-musical.html

Enchanted Forest - Up and running at the moment in the Pitlochry Explorers’ Garden behind the Pitlochry Festival Theatre.  This superb sound and light show has about a week left to run. This years show has broken all previous records for ticket sales with some tickets still available for this final week.  Wrap up warm and try the mulled wine!

Sleeping Beauty – 15 December – 7 January – This year’s panto is sure to be another great success – “Spinning wheels, wicked fairies, beautiful princesses, strange enchantments, overgrown castles, heroic princes – what else could it be but that most magical of fairytales, Sleeping Beauty. Join us this festive season to see if Nurse Nancy, Fester the Jester – and a very stylish Prince – can awaken Princess Beauty from her spellbound slumber . . . and save the kingdom into the bargain!”

Winter Words Festival- 27 January – 5th February – Now in its 8th year.  A celebration of the written and spoken word, including…..

“Sir Chris Bonnington returns to Winter Words with some breathtaking images to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first ascent of the north face of the Eiger. He will also recount his involvement in the dramatic story of extreme climbing – to say nothing of the media circus! – involved in the first ascent of the Eiger Direct in the winter of 1966. “

“Another Winter Words favourite is Neil Oliver whose latest book, A History of Ancient Britain, accompanies the hugely successful TV series of the same name. The multi-talented historian, archaeologist, author and TV broadcaster will share the secrets of the series and demonstrate his passion for the magic of this country’s ancient past.”


 – Sunday 12 Feb – presented by the Dunfermline Gilbert and Sullivan Society.  A classic G&S opera including much loved favourites such as When I Went To The Bar;The Law Is The True EmbodimentThe Nightmare Song and When Britain Really Ruled The Waves. Should be fun.  I love G&S!

Swan Lake – Saturday 15th Feb  -  Performed by Ballet West, this well loved classical ballet will prove very popular at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre.





The Craig McMurdo Quartet – Tuesday 14th February – “Craig McMurdo is renowned as one of theUK’s finest crooners. Frequently compared in the press to Harry Connick Jnr. and Michael Bublé, and often described as a “one man Rat Pack”, he performs an eclectic mix of romantic jazz standards, lounge and swing, imbued with his characteristic warmth and humour. ”

Tenors Un Limited – Friday 2nd March – “Tenors Un Limited combine their own blend of unique vocal arrangements with wit and immense charm to create fresh approaches to operatic standards, classical crossover, Rat Pack classics and original compositions.”

Alvin Stardust
 – Saturday 17 March 2012 –Alvin returns to Pitlochry Festival Theatre to perform his greatest hits from a musical career spanning the 5 decades, plus tracks from his recently released new album.


There are of course many more shows and concerts on at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre during the winter season including Real Diamond, Skerryvore, Gallagher and Lyle and Dorothy Paul.


The Pitlochry Festival Theatre and the Pitlochry Explorers’ Garden are located near to Torrdarach House, our Pitlochry B&B in Highland Perthshire