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The Hermitage by Dunkeld

Ossian’s Hall overlooking the Black Linn Pool in The Hermitage

The Hermitage is apparently one of Scotland’s oldest tourist attractions. It was originally part of the grounds of Dunkeld House and for several hundred years the Dukes of Atholl have been planting trees to enhance the landscape. Most of the trees you see today are less than 200 years old but due to the good soil and sheltered conditions they have grown very tall indeed.

There are a number of short walks between 2km and 8km available at The Hermitage. The shortest walk takes you from the car park (just off the A9 by Dunkeld) through a grove of huge Douglas-firs by the River Braan to the bridge over the Black Linn Pool at Ossian’s Hall. This 18th century hall was once the centre of a wild garden and the balcony gives a great view of the waterfall.

You will find The Big Tree Cafe in the car park at the Hermitage. Excellent home made food – good coffee, soup, cakes and the amazing Stewart Tower Dairy Ice Cream. The Big Tree Cafe is a good enough reason for a visit to The Hermitage on its own!

A lovely short walk to a waterfall through a stunning grove of huge trees. Definitely recommended.

Why not check out Dunkeld and it’s cathedral and Loch of the Lowes nearby.

The waterfall at Ossian’s Hall in The Hermitage

The fabulous Big Tree Cafe in The Hermitage

The waterfall at Ossian’s Hall in The Hermitage

The bridge over the Black Linn Pool at Ossian’s Hall in The Hermitage

Groves of huge trees in The Hermitage

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