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Communicating Doors – August 2012

Communicating Doors poster

Communicating Doors by Alan Ayckbourn has been open for a few weeks now at the Pitlochry Theatre. You need to be on your toes to follow the plot as it flips back and forth through time, but our guests are loving it and it is certainly entertaining and very funny. The Pitlochry Theatre’s own website describes the play as follows:

“Three women. One hotel suite. In 1992, one is on her honeymoon night. In 2012, one is about to be murdered. In 2032, one discovers that a communicating door holds the key to all their destinies . . . When Poopay, a self-styled ‘Specialist Sexual Consultant’, is summoned to a five star hotel, it transpires that her elderly client isn`t interested in her usual services. Instead, the conscience-stricken Reece wants her to witness his dying confession: that many years before, he employed his business associate, Julian, to murder his two wives.

When he learns of the confession, the deranged Julian decides that Poopay must be silenced. Permanently. Terrified, Poopay flees through the communicating door, only to find that it leads not into an adjacent room, but back into the same suite . . . twenty years before . . . on the very night that wife number two, Ruella, is due to die . . . Can Poopay help Ruella escape the fate that awaits her (clue: avoid open windows)? Can she journey even further back in time and convince Reece’s first wife, Jessica, that she shouldn’t go swimming any time soon? And can she change the future . . . for all three?

Ayckbourn’s sheer comic genius combines with influences from film noir and TV classic The Twilight Zone in this award-winning, time-travelling comedy thriller.

Fast, funny and wholly entertaining, Communicating Doors has become one of Ayckbourn`s best-loved and most often revived plays. If you enjoyed Snake In The Grass in 2008, you`ll love this!”

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