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Pitlochry ‘Hurricane’ takes out Torrdarach House trees, Dec 2011

Last Thursday Pitlochry and large sections of Scotland were hit by several hours of incredibly high winds.  A one in ten year storm apparently.  Power to Pitlochry was lost fairly quickly (and was off for about 36 hours). Watching our big trees being tossed about by the wind was pretty scary.  The garden sustained a fair battering, but amazingly, Torrdarach House and the bothy under refurbishment, were largely unaffected.




The damage – a couple of large limbs of our two oak trees came down, but the major damage was sustained to two big cypress trees at the bottom of the garden.  One was uprooted and flipped onto its side smashing a few large rhododendrons. The other was split right through the root leaving one half leaning unnervingly close to the overhead power lines.


Tree surgeons have now tidied things up and left us with enough firewood to heat Pitlochry for an entire winter. I love watching these guys wielding chainsaws whilst hanging off ropes 10m up a tree. A few photos below.

Make sure you have a look at the ‘before storm’ and ‘after storm’ photos at the bottom of the page.























As well as a lifetime supply of firewood, the other upside is much improved views of Pitlochry and the hills from the front of house. Here is a before and after comparison.









I just need to spend a few weeks splitting and stacking logs……..

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